Alumni and Careers


Graduates of the MARSEA program pursue careers all over the world, in a wide variety of fields and sectors.  The Weatherhead East Asian Institute is committed to maintaining our alumni community, and to fostering a network of relationships among alumni, faculty, and current students.

Please check back in the coming months for more information on alumni and careers after MARSEA.  

MARSEA Alumni Placement


The above pie chart describes career placements for MARSEA Alumni. 16 percent of graduates were placed in careers in academia/education. 6 percent were placed in US government. 17 percent were placed in foreign government. 10 percent were placed in non-profit/NGO. 5 percent were placed in media. 16 percent were placed in finance. 15 percent were placed in other fields in the private sector. 5 percent were placed in law. 8 percent entered a professional degree program or PhD program. 3 percent are self-employed. This data is up to date as of June 2019. Results were taken from MARSEA Alumni Surveys and a LinkedIn audit of 147 graduates. 212 students have graduated from MARSEA since 1998.