• Hometown: Shenzhen, China 

    Previous education: Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po), Politics and Government

    Specialization in MARSEA: China

    Personal interest: Playing and composing music, reading, writing, traveling

  • Hometown: Beijing, China

    Undergraduate School of Study: University of Pennsylvania

    Undergraduate Major: Visual Studies

    MARSEA Specialization: China

    Thesis Title: Strategic Compliance, Fluid Morality: The Making of a Clinical Labor Market in Post-Socialist PRC

  • Hometown:  Shenzhen, China

    Previous education:  Columbia, Economics; Carnegie Mellon, Computer Science 

    Specialization in MARSEA:  China and Japan

  • Xiaobo Lü is the Ann Whitney Olin Professor of Political Science at Barnard College. Professor Lü was the founding Director of Columbia Global Centers | East Asia in Beijing in 2008-10. Professor Lü teaches courses on Chinese politics, political economy, and comparative politics. His research interests include post-socialist transition, corruption and good governance, regulatory reforms, and government-business relations. Currently he is working on a book manuscript, From Player to Referee: the Rise of the Regulatory State in China.

    Xiaobo Lü is a member of Council on Foreign Relations, Committee of 100, and the National Committee of US-China Relations. He is a regular commentator on China and US-China relations on PBS, CNN, BBC, and NPR and has delivered speeches and briefings to organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Asia Foundation, the Asia Society, World Affairs Council, National Committee for US-China Relations, American Center for International Leadership, Asia Society, the China Institute of America, and the Japan Society.

    Professor Lü received his PhD in political science from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1994.

  • Hometown: Tampa, FL

    Previous Education: BA in Visual Art, Columbia University

    Specialization in MARSEA: Korea

    Academic Interests: Contemporary East Asian Art, Techno-Orientalism, Modern Asia Pacific History

    Personal interests: Experimental and (very) conceptual Art

  • Hometown: Plymouth, Michigan and Shanghai, China

    Undergraduate School of Study: University of California, Los Angeles

    Undergraduate Major: History, Japanese Minor

    MARSEA Specialization: China

    Thesis Title: Challenging "Tailor-Made": Uncovering Women’s Contributions to the Creation of Qipao

  • Hometown: Singapore

    Previous education: Cambridge University, History

    Specialization in MARSEA: China

    Personal interests: Spending as much time as I can thinking about and being near the sun, sand and the sea

  • Hometown: Augusta, Georgia

    Previous Education: Northeastern University, Major in Asian Studies - Minors in Chinese, Economics, and History

    Specialization in MARSEA: China

    Academic Interests: Chinese foreign policy and trade policy, particularly regarding the Central Asian region/Post-Soviet Republics; multipolar and multilateral organizations; geopolitics.

    Personal Interests: Food of all cuisines, fitness, music, contemporary popular culture, and community organizing!

    Thesis Title: Blueprint for Catastrophe? Assessing the Efficacy of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan


  • Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

    Previous Education: New York University, Politics and East Asian Studies

    Specialization in MARSEA: Korea

    Academic Interests: US-Korea relations, East Asian geopolitics, security policy

    Personal Interests: Playing with my cat Mumu

    Thesis Title: The US-ROK Alliance: A Strategic Case for OPCON Transfer

  • Hometown: Hacienda Heights, California, USA

    Undergraduate School of Study: Vassar College 

    Undergraduate Major: Asian Studies, Chinese

    MARSEA Specialization: China

    Thesis Title: The Search for Redress: Wartime Forced Labor Compensation and the Politics of Law in East Asia 

  • Hometown: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

    Previous education: Sarah Lawrence College, Pre-modern Chinese History and Philosophy

    Specialization in MARSEA: China


  • Hometown: Seoul & Vancouver

    Previous Education: Tufts University, Majors in International Relations East Asia and Japanese Language

    Specialization in MARSEA: Korea 

    Academic Interests: Modern East Asian History, International Relations of East Asia, security/geopolitic studies of the Korean Peninsula

    Personal Interests: Japanese Literature, Korean films, New England Patriots   

  • Hometown: Naperville, IL

    Previous Education:  University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, major in Accounting and a minor in EALC

    Specialization in MARSEA: China

    Academic Interests: China's social economics, culture, and language. 

    Personal Interests: Reading, watching movies, visiting museums (especially art museums), drawing, and dance.  

  • Hometown: Singapore

    Undergraduate School of Study: Yale-NUS College

    Undergraduate Major: Law

    MARSEA Specialization: China

    Thesis Title: The Chinese in Indonesia: Political Pariahs No More?

  • Hometown:  West Hartford, Connecticut

    Previous education:  Bates College, Chinese

    Specialization in MARSEA:  China

    Personal interest:  History, sports, and music

  • Hometown: Singapore

    Previous education: University of Cambridge, Social Anthropology and Politics

    Specialization in MARSEA: China

  • Hometown: Singapore

    Undergraduate School of Study: King's College London

    Undergraduate Major: Law

    MARSEA Specialization: China

    Thesis Title: Disputed Islands and the Waves of Nationalism: Understanding how Nationalism and Political Legitimacy Affects China’s Strategy in Dealing with its Island Disputes

  • Hometown: Singapore

    Undergraduate School of Study: University College London

    Undergraduate Major: Philosophy

    MARSEA Specialization: China

    Thesis Title: China’s Ball Game – A Discourse Analysis of Chinese Media Reports on Table Tennis


  • Hometown: Beijing, China and North Carolina

    Previous education: UNC-Chapel Hill, History and Economics 

    Specialization in MARSEA: China

    Academic interests: Mixed sociological methods, gender/women, collective resistance, social stratification, migration, Chinese society


  • Hometown: Hong Kong, China

    Undergraduate School of Study: King’s College London, UK

    Undergraduate Major: Law

    MARSEA Specialization: China

    Thesis Title: Hong Kong and China: Express Railway to Integration


  • Kim Brandt is Research Scholar at the Weatherhead East Asian Institute.  She serves as faculty advisor to the MARSEA program, and teaches the yearlong Core Seminar.  Professor Brandt received her Ph.D. in modern Japanese history at Columbia University in 1996.  She taught at Amherst College before returning to Columbia in 2007. Her publications include Kingdom of Beauty: Mingei and the Politics of Folk Art in Imperial Japan, published in 2007 by Duke University Press.  Currently she is completing a second book project titled Japan’s Cultural Miracle: Rethinking the Rise of a World Power, which is under contract at Columbia University Press.

  • Hometown: Penang, Malaysia and Singapore

    Undergraduate School of Study: Columbia University

    Undergraduate Major: History

    MARSEA Specialization: China/British Malaya

    Thesis Title: In Queer Straits: Sexuality, Medicine, and Orientalism in British Malaya, 1875-1947

  • Hometown: Huntington, NY

    Previous Education: Pennsylvania State University, BA in History (with Honors), BA in Asian Studies and BS in International Studies, minor in Japanese 

    Specialization in MARSEA: Japan

    Academic interests: Occupation-era and post-war Japan

    Personal Interests: movies, music, museums and travel

  • Hometown: Hangzhou, China

    Undergraduate School of Study: Fudan University, China

    Undergraduate Major: English

    MARSEA Specialization: China

    Thesis Title: Discipline and Incite: Ideological and Political Education in Chinese Universities

  • Hometown: Beijing, China

    Hometown: Weston, Massachusetts

    Previous education: Harvard University, Neuroscience

    Specialization in MARSEA: China

    Personal interest: I'm trained in mental health first aid!

  • Hometown: Sichuan, China 

    Previous Education: Brown University, majoring in International Relations  

    Specialization in MARSEA: China 

    Academic Interests: Sino-Tibet relations; Tibetan Buddhism 

    Personal Interests: Street dance & horseback riding

    Thesis Title: The Revival of Tibetan Buddhism in Contemporary Chengdu (1980-2020)

  • Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

    Previous Education: Smith College (BA in Government and East Asian Studies)

    Specialization in MARSEA: Japan 

    Academic Interests: New media in Japan and Korea, transnational projects

    Personal Interests: Films

  • Elizabeth is the Program Officer for Student Affairs at the Weatherhead East Asian Institute. Previously, she was a Graduate Program Assistant at the New York University College of Arts and Science Advising Center and a Student Services Advisor at Adelphi International. Elizabeth has her MA in International Education from New York University and a BA in Film and Video and a minor in Asian Studies from Georgia State University. She has studied and worked abroad in India, South Korea, and Japan. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, she enjoys cooking, studying languages, and learning about the history and internationalization of New York City.

  • Hometown: Katy, TX

    Previous Education: Texas A&M University College Station

    Specialization in MARSEA: Japan

    Thesis Title: Held Hostage: Japan's Lawmakers and the Self Defense Force

  • Hometown: Zhanjiang (Guangdong), China

    Previous education: The George Washington University, International Affairs and Economics

    Specialization in MARSEA: China

    Academic interests: China’s soft power strategy, public diplomacy, and their impact on its foreign policy

    Personal interests: Pilates, baking, and watching Chinese spy movies!


  • Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

    Previous education: Swarthmore College, Asian Studies and Political Science

    Specialization in MARSEA: Japan and Korea

  • Hometown: New York City

    Undergraduate School of Study: University of Tokyo

    Undergraduate Major: East Asian Studies

    MARSEA Specialization: Japan

    Thesis Title: Immortalizing, Isolating, and Rejecting: Circles and War Memory in 1950s Japan

  • Hometown: Beijing, China

    Previous Education: Peking University

    Specialization in MARSEA: China

    Academic Interests: Economics and Politics

    Personal Interests: Playing soccer and video games

  • Hometown: Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington), Aotearoa, New Zealand.

    Undergraduate School of Study: Victoria University of Wellington

    Undergraduate Major: Chinese, Asian Studies and International Relations

    MARSEA Specialization: China

    Thesis Title: The Aftermath: Transitional Justice in China’s Hunan Province Following the Cultural Revolution

  • Hometown: Oak Park, Illinois, USA

    Undergraduate School of Study: University of Illinois: Chicago

    Undergraduate Major: Political Science

    MARSEA Specialization: Japan and Korea

    Thesis Title: Raising a Problem: The Sendai Flag-Raising Incident and Shifting Perceptions of the "Korean Problem" in Early Occupied Japan (1945-1949)

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