Requirements for the China, Japan, Korea, or Tibet Specializations

  • Language proficiency equivalent to the third-year level of Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, or second-year level of Tibetan. Language proficiency must correlate with the country of specialization (for example a MARSEA student specializing in Korea must demonstrate third-year level proficiency in Korean). MARSEA’s language requirement may be met by passing Columbia University’s language placement examination, or through coursework.

  • Yearlong MARSEA core seminar (GR6220: MARSEA Core Seminar I – Fall and GR6221: MARSEA Core Seminar II – Spring).
  • Master’s thesis dealing substantially with the country of specialization.
  • Two graduate-level modern history courses on the country of specialization. Comparable work may be substituted with permission from MARSEA’s Faculty Program Advisor.
  • Three graduate-level regional courses selected from at least two different fields: at least one of the five courses must focus on an Asia Pacific country or sub-region other than one’s country of specialization. These courses must include at least two colloquia and/or seminars. Courses dealing with the region as a whole or dealing with relations between East Asia and other countries (such as the U.S.) may also be taken to fulfill this requirement.
  • One graduate-level elective course which may focus on topics outside of East Asia.